• Nut & Bolt pack

    Parts sold seperately

    Nut and Bolt pack for

    Unwins safety track.

  • 21" Full rail fixing kit

    Sold seperately

    This is a full Unwin safety rail kit 21"

  • 21" full mounting kit

    Sold seperatley

    This shows a full suerface mounting kit 21"

  • Protect the ends of the track

    Tidy the job up with these end of rail protectors.

  • T bolts available as 25,mm or 40mm.

    Shown here is the 40mm "T" bolt

  • Ultimate end of track protector.

    Keeps the end of your track safe.

  • Sold per meter.

    Illiminates dirt in the track.

  • Sold by the metre

    Helps keep dirt out of the track system.

  • Under floor spreader plates spread the load

    Spread the load by fitting these under floor spreader plates (sold in pairs)

  • For all your Unwin safety track requirements

    All in stock and ready for immediate posting

  • Quick release fittings.

    Better suited for constant in/out situations like wheelchairs.

  • Unwins safety track fittings

    Unwins safety track fittings

  • No new products at this time.
  • Rail kit

    Rail kit

  • Rail kit 2

    Rail kit 2

  • Full kit 3

    Full kit 3

  • Variant fittings

    Variant fittings

  • Variant fittings 2

    Variant fittings 2

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Custom Block

First class safety products by Unwin

We only supply tried and tested safety track systems to the automotive industry. Seat or wheelchair fixings or cargo anchoring solutions, we supply it all.